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During my summer vacation, I’ve been slowly working on some handmade decor for the baby’s room. I really wanted to make a decorative letter for her room and as always Pinterest is a great resource. I decided to give it a weathered look and used what I had in my stash.

Here’s how I made mine: 1) I first painted a base coat of wicker white (2 coats) and then hand-stamped “Homemade with Love” with black ink over the dried base coat. 2) Once the stamping is completely dry, I brushed a heavy layer of crackle medium over the letter (let it dry ’til it has a tacky consistency). 3) I evenly painted one top coat* of Martha Stewart’s “Beach Glass” (love this color!). * Note: do not re-paint or try to go over certain areas, you’ll end up smudging the crackle medium and undoing the crackling effect. 4) For the border of the letter I inversed the colors – Beach Glass base coat, crackle layer, white top coat  5) To help prevent chipping and yellowing, I sealed the paint using Liquidex Satin Varnish (3 thin coats).   DSC05743On the inside of the “P” I cut and glued a strip of pink gingham fabric as a contrasting accent to the seafoam color. I also recycled a crochet rosette I had leftover from my baby shower (I had made them as brooches for my guests). I’m so happy with the result, the crackling effect came out great . . . DSC05745
So great, I wanted to replicate the same weathered look on my birdhouses. I followed the same painting process and covered the roof tops with calico fabric. I highly recommend using Martha Stewart acrylics for this project (other brands did not work as well with the crackle medium). My color palette was Beach Glass, Raspberry Ice, and Chamomile.

DSC05746 I really loved working on these projects; they were fairly easy to do, came out so cute and were affordable to make. This a testament that decorating a room doesn’t always require you to go out and spend tons of money. Being resourceful can go along way, don’t ya think?   Sue


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Here’s a little inventory of my most memorable crafts. Some were personal while others were made for my shop, but all were so much fun to make! I’m definitely looking forward to this new year and sharing more handmade projects with you!

Crafts 2012

1.Trio of Pears, 2. baby blanket, 3. Vintage Garden Dishcloths, 4. pinwheel paintings, 5. heart hairpins, 6. crochet bows, 7. Granny Square Blanket, 8. Rag dolls, 9. DIY Klippan Cover, 10. flower hairpins, 11. heart brooches, 12. Wavy Blanket, 13. Giant Granny Square Blanket, 14. Two-tone Slouchy Hat, 15. Angel Ornaments, 16. Cupcake Pillows,

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I made it a goal for all of my tree ornaments to be handmade by me and be sure to share the tutorials with you . . . after all, this is the “giving” season! With that in mind, I’ve gathered up all the links here in one post for easier access. Enjoy!


I made these crochet tree ornaments as a gift for a friend several years ago. They’re easy, fun, and fast to make.

Holly     These holly embellishments are made in a flash and are very versatile. Use them for your tree, as a garland, or to pretty up a gift.

These glittery candle pins are made from clothespins and will “light” up your tree!

I take pride in having made my snowman ornaments . They take a bit of time to make but your tree will be oh so happy!

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was productive! I have a show coming up at the beginning of December and I’m racing to try make as many things as my hands can handle. Here are some peeks . . .


I’m spending the rest of the week working on my dollys. More updates coming soon! Sue

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Today I woke up super early to tackle my 1st dressing-making project. After much prepping with the pattern, to my dismay, I didn’t have enough fabric for all my pieces (ahhh!). After getting over my disappointment, I focused my energy on working on my friend’s baby shower gifts.

Here’s a peek at my burp cloths. I added some embroidery to jazz it up a bit.

And here’s the update on my crocheted teddy bear. As you can see the body parts have been joined (except the legs – I ran out of yarn – yikes!). I’m still debating the bear’s nose; not sure if I’ll keep the felt nose or embroider it (any feedback??).

I thought it would be nice to monogram the A onto the teddy’s shirt. Hopefully my friend will like it too.
Well that’s about it for now! I’ll be back this Sunday with a new embroidery lesson! Talk soon, Sue

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I know. Long time no post, right? Well, I was away on vacation up north for the last 8 days and it was amazing (more on that later!).
My trip was definitely inspiring and I have a lot of ideas that I want to work on.
Throughout the summer, I thought it would be fun to share my project to-do lists. I’m one of those people who would be lost without a list. Here’s my end of the month list:

One thing I don’t do after writing up my list is follow it in order. My lists help keep me organize but I never seem to prioritize (they all seem important to me!). Today, I worked on #3: Making my ice cream cone pillows.

Unlike my cupcakes that have a ‘Hhhmm, yummy’ expression, I wanted to give these cones an “Oh no! I’m melting” look!
I’ll be back tomorrow to share part one of my favorite moments of my trip and a free embroidery pattern! Talk soon, Sue

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