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I know this board is a bit belated, but there’s always next year!
This board was inspired from a reading lesson I taught last week. My 2nd and 3rd graders read the poem “Theme in Yellow” by Carl Sandburg. The children learned about different points of view and how the perspective of a story can change based on who’s speaking.
Once the children had a strong grasp of the skill, we brainstormed different objects connected to Halloween. The children were then required to write from that object’s perspective about Halloween.
The children really loved this lesson. There were funny witches, friendly ghosts, a lonely haunted house,  and even a gloomy trick-or-treat bag. Both their poems and artwork were amazing! As for the bulletin board, most of my materials I already had: 2 yards of egg yolk fabric, wavy black border, a Halloween banner ($1 at Joanns) and silhouette ravens (dollar store find). I think the best bulletin boards are the ones that you don’t plan out too much, and this one came together quickly in an afternoon; you got to love it!


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I had fun this Halloween and had the chance to get dressed up twice. My first costume was for a pumpkin carving party this past weekend. I decided to reprise a wolf costume I’d worn a couple years back; it’s made up of a headpiece and fur paws. This time around I made more of an effort with the make-up.


I used lots of golds, bronzes and brown eyeshadows. For the contours on the nose and cheeks, I used a dark, matte brown. I added black eyeliner crayon around the the eyes, nose, lips.
Wolf-001Once I put the headpiece on, it looked really cute. Then for the school, I thought it would be fun to creep the kids out a bit . . .

This creepy make-up tutorial helped me a lot. I used mainly a dark plum eyeshadow, a dark matte gray for contouring, and deep copper to outline my eyes.
I made my ghost costume two days before Halloween. At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. Thankfully the jersey fabric I got was really easy to work with and I was happy with the results! Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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I’m a fan of mixed tapes. I remember making them throughout high school; I was so into them that I’d even design the jewel case covers and give them titles to go with the theme. Those CD days are over, but thankfully I can still create on-line playlists. This list has a series of songs (13 to be exact!) I’ve always enjoyed and I think most of the songs carry that Halloween vibe without going overboard (sorry, there’s no Monster Mash). Enjoy! Sue

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The combination of apples and caramel is something that I’ve always loved. Whenever Halloween comes along, I always have the intention of making some caramel apples, but, sadly, I never get around to making them. Well, this year, there’s no excuses! I’ve found a couple recipes (thank you Pinterest) that look really yummy. Here are several more caramel-apple-inspired recipes in case you’d like to skip the traditional candied apples this year.Tips on How to Make Caramel Apples  This caramel apple recipe is simple and easy, and the end result looks sooo good!https://i2.wp.com/thechicsite.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/TheChic_caramel-apple-cupcakes.jpg Another great option are these caramel apple cupcakes that uses fresh, diced apple folded into the batter.

20131008-105150.jpg  This caramel apple popcorn uses caramel apple milky way minis. Enough said.

They’re pint-sized, use apple crumble, and are perfect for a party. Get your trifle on here.

  Skip Starbucks and make your own yummy Apple Spice drink!

Have you any desserts lined up for this month? I’d love to hear from you. Talk soon, Sue


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My all-time favorite holiday has been Halloween. Forget Christmas, if I could have Halloween repeat itself on December 25th, I’d do it (sorry Santa). Of course when I was younger, it was all about the costumes and dressing up. Now, at least for me, it’s shifted to the decorations. The whole concept of turning your home dark and dreary can be really fun. The amount of inspiring ideas are overwhelming on-line, but here are some of my favorite DIY halloween decor.

this DIY ghost wreath is adorable!These Halloween Luminaries are easy to make and look great!

DIY Halloween/ Nevermore Tree decor

    This Poe-inspired tree is pretty cool!


These broomstick lollipop favors are great for trick or treaters, or if you’re a teacher like me, as favors for your students!

Spooky Bat Chandelier

I’m definitely making this spooky bat chandelier; it’s incredible!

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Today was a fun day. For school, I dressed up as Patty Simcock from the movie Grease. There was about 7 of us, so Sandy, Danny, the Pink Ladies and the rest of the gang were accounted for. We enjoyed it and the kids did too, so thumbs up all around!

This evening, I was playing around with this Photo editor I recently discovered call PicMonkey. It’s similar to the departed Picnic, but it has a lot more editing options. For fun, I experimented with their Halloween editor, and I really loved the results!
Pic 1- Vampire, Pic 2 – Zombie, Pic 3 – Fiend, Pic 4 – Witch

You can even distort parts of your face to create more ghoulish expressions. If you enjoy creating specials effects and adding different textures to your photos, then definitely check out PicMonkey. Plus it’s free! Talk Soon, Sue

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Keep It Creepy!

Seriously. Halloween is here (yay!). Remember to make it spooky and, most importantly, FUN! I made the top banner for my facebook page. I really love Photoshop. The effects on the pic were made with picnic, which sadly no longer exists, but you can get the same features through Picasa.

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