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During my summer vacation, I’ve been slowly working on some handmade decor for the baby’s room. I really wanted to make a decorative letter for her room and as always Pinterest is a great resource. I decided to give it a weathered look and used what I had in my stash.

Here’s how I made mine: 1) I first painted a base coat of wicker white (2 coats) and then hand-stamped “Homemade with Love” with black ink over the dried base coat. 2) Once the stamping is completely dry, I brushed a heavy layer of crackle medium over the letter (let it dry ’til it has a tacky consistency). 3) I evenly painted one top coat* of Martha Stewart’s “Beach Glass” (love this color!). * Note: do not re-paint or try to go over certain areas, you’ll end up smudging the crackle medium and undoing the crackling effect. 4) For the border of the letter I inversed the colors – Beach Glass base coat, crackle layer, white top coat  5) To help prevent chipping and yellowing, I sealed the paint using Liquidex Satin Varnish (3 thin coats).   DSC05743On the inside of the “P” I cut and glued a strip of pink gingham fabric as a contrasting accent to the seafoam color. I also recycled a crochet rosette I had leftover from my baby shower (I had made them as brooches for my guests). I’m so happy with the result, the crackling effect came out great . . . DSC05745
So great, I wanted to replicate the same weathered look on my birdhouses. I followed the same painting process and covered the roof tops with calico fabric. I highly recommend using Martha Stewart acrylics for this project (other brands did not work as well with the crackle medium). My color palette was Beach Glass, Raspberry Ice, and Chamomile.

DSC05746 I really loved working on these projects; they were fairly easy to do, came out so cute and were affordable to make. This a testament that decorating a room doesn’t always require you to go out and spend tons of money. Being resourceful can go along way, don’t ya think?   Sue


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Bear-BlanketYes, it’s been awhile but there are valid reasons for my absence. Last year, my bf and I changed from renters to homeowners (yay!) and we found out we’re expecting (double yay!). A lot of responsibilities fell onto our laps in such a short amount of time that things have been quite overwhelming but we’re taking it day by day.


Between work and fixing up our home (it’s been a slow process), I’m trying to fit in as many baby-related crafts as I can. I’ve noticed that most of what I’m doing are crochet projects, and I think that I’ve gravitated to crochet because, for me, the whole process is so relaxing. This little animal blanket was a design I came up with (amiguri crossed with granny square). Once I found out that I would be having a girl, I added the bow and lace collar which gives it a sweet touch.

Cardi1This short-sleeved cardigan I discovered on Pinterest. At first, I was a bit intimidated by the design but I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to make. This free pattern is really easy to follow. I used  a linen/ cotton yarn blend in pistachio, butter, and coral colors.

I love wooden buttons over plastic buttons. They look so pretty and rustic!

Cardi2These cardigans came from another easy-to-follow pattern that I purchased from monpetitviolon. I did make some slight changes like making the cardis short-sleeved (long sleeves in South Florida really doesn’t work!) and adding one button closure, but other than that I followed the pattern to a tee.

Cardi3If you have any questions on any of these projects, let me know. I’m planning on posting more often from now on and keeping you updated on my other crafty projects, so stay in touch! Sue

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The first hand craft I picked up was embroidery. My mom bought me an embroidery kit which I begged her for and over the following week, I clumsily stitched two swans with flowery wreaths around their necks that my mom later sewed onto a pillow. Mind you, the backing was a mess, I had made odd knots in a couple of areas, and the fabric was puckered but when you’re eleven years old, you’re blind to those details. I was just so happy to have done something with my own two hands.

Embroidery to me is in a realm of its own these days. It isn’t just stitching added to a baby’s blanket or tea towel anymore, but at the hands of creatively-mindful people has evolved into stunning works of art and I LOVE it!

Em Takashi
The work of Takashi Iwasaki is incredibly intricate and uses vibrantly colored threads. Just stunning!

Em Korn Em korn3The first time I saw Daniel Kornrumpf’s work I thought they were paintings. His stitching technique looks more like short, lined brushstrokes in which the colors overlap. How he does this using thread is absolutely amazing.

Em McKel
Laura McKellar ,a graphic designer, combines photography and embroidery to create beautiful mixed-media pieces.

Em izzy
Izzyana Suhaimi (a favorite of mine) overlays her sketches with colorful embroidery. Check out her site to view more gorgeous work.

I haven’t done some serious embroidery in a while. The last time was when I stitched my Edgar Allan Poe piece, but seeing these artists makes me want to start a new project. Hope you enjoyed this post! Sue


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Towards the end of summer I get the pang to make coasters. For some reason, which seems slightly odd to me, I equate quilted coasters with the fall. Maybe it’s the colors I tend to pick . . .

I’ve always liked these hues and color scheme of dark orange, olive, dodger blue, and gold. So autumn-ish, right?

This is how I work. Keep in mind that I have a work table and a comfortable chair, but I gravitate to the floor. I’ve always wondered if other people prefer to work like this (there has to be others out there); it just seems more ample to me.

I’m hoping to finish them up this weekend. Do you have any crafts lined up to welcome autumn? I’d love to hear from you! Sue

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Earlier this week I was organizing my craft room and came across my overstuffed bag of fabric scraps. I was surprised to see how much scraps had accumulated. It was clear I had to find a way to make use of them, so I decided to make an apron.

The anatomy of an apron is very basic. You have a skirt, a waistband, and straps, and if you keep it simple by cutting rectangular pieces of fabric, its construction is quick and easy. Now the waistband was made from joining my scraps into a quilt-like pattern. The straps were made from some leftover raw muslin (looks like linen) I had in my stash.


For the skirt I used a tea towel folded over a quarter of the section.  These tea towels you can find at any Target or Walmart (a 5 pack for $5). They’re oversized, so I usually cut them in half to make smaller tea towels, but for this project the original size was perfect. I used this tutorial to crochet my trim and made bias tape using more scraps.
I was pleasantly surprised with the end result. I’m not sure whether to gift it or keep it for myself (I’m leaning more to the latter), either way I’m sure it’ll get plenty of use.

Want to learn great techniques on apron making? Try the book A Is for Apron. It has an endless amount of ideas and easy instructions to follow.

Want to find a simple tutorial for a basic apron? Try this Lined Apron Tutorial or this Simple Little Apron Tutorial

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These are some lovelies I plucked from Flickr land!
February Faves
1.Red Bow Brooch, 2. Valentine Cupcakes, 3. Ella and Nigel, 4. heart cookies, 5. Love Owl, 6. doily gift wrap, 7. ipad cover, 8. hearts, 9. untitled

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They’re done! Well, they’ve been done since my last show and these were the gals that returned home with me. This time around, I really loved how the fabric schemes came out for each doll – really girly and most importantly CUTE! Now let’s meet the girls shall we?


Miss Bliss can be found here


adopt Miss Future Ornithologist here


visit Little Miss Priss here


She loves scones! See her here


Lil’ Miss Bookworm; more here


adopt some sunshine here

I have some more patterns that I’ll be working on this coming month; I’ll keep you posted on the progress!

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