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Bear-BlanketYes, it’s been awhile but there are valid reasons for my absence. Last year, my bf and I changed from renters to homeowners (yay!) and we found out we’re expecting (double yay!). A lot of responsibilities fell onto our laps in such a short amount of time that things have been quite overwhelming but we’re taking it day by day.


Between work and fixing up our home (it’s been a slow process), I’m trying to fit in as many baby-related crafts as I can. I’ve noticed that most of what I’m doing are crochet projects, and I think that I’ve gravitated to crochet because, for me, the whole process is so relaxing. This little animal blanket was a design I came up with (amiguri crossed with granny square). Once I found out that I would be having a girl, I added the bow and lace collar which gives it a sweet touch.

Cardi1This short-sleeved cardigan I discovered on Pinterest. At first, I was a bit intimidated by the design but I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to make. This free pattern is really easy to follow. I used  a linen/ cotton yarn blend in pistachio, butter, and coral colors.

I love wooden buttons over plastic buttons. They look so pretty and rustic!

Cardi2These cardigans came from another easy-to-follow pattern that I purchased from monpetitviolon. I did make some slight changes like making the cardis short-sleeved (long sleeves in South Florida really doesn’t work!) and adding one button closure, but other than that I followed the pattern to a tee.

Cardi3If you have any questions on any of these projects, let me know. I’m planning on posting more often from now on and keeping you updated on my other crafty projects, so stay in touch! Sue


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I love baby showers . . . maybe it’s because I get a chance to make cute little gifts for an adorable little being. These projects took me an afternoon . . . seriously. When I thought about it, it would’ve taken me longer to drive to the mall, park, walk around and debate on overpriced baby items than to create something I’m absolutely happy with, so hurray for handmade once again!


These baby shoes did give me a bit a trouble, but it was mostly my fault because I used a smaller hook and they turned out too small, so I’ll be reworking them with a larger hook.

Here are the links to making these easy baby gifts:

Simple Baby Blanket

DIY Burp Cloths

Two Girls Mary Janes Crochet Pattern

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As promised, here’s my 1st quilt. It’s so exciting to check off my first project off my summer to-do list. This baby-sized quilt is made up of 80 calico squares. I used yellow gingham for the quilt’s backing and yellow polka dot fabric for the binding. I think it came so cute!

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