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I’m a fan of mixed tapes. I remember making them throughout high school; I was so into them that I’d even design the jewel case covers and give them titles to go with the theme. Those CD days are over, but thankfully I can still create on-line playlists. ThisĀ list has a series of songs (13 to be exact!) I’ve always enjoyed and I think most of the songs carry that Halloween vibe without going overboard (sorry, there’s no Monster Mash). Enjoy! Sue


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Last night I watched the movie “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” and absolutely fell in love with the storyline. The film is based off the book by Ned Vizzini, a young adults author that writes mainly about teen angst and mental health. This little film deals with a lot of heavy issues like depression and suicide from a 16 year old’s standpoint in a very subtle yet poignant way. Real world pressures for teens are at times too much to handle. The demands of school, friends, and parents may seem overwhelming and even suffocating.
As a teacher, this film is a wonderful tool to use for upper middle and high school students. It would be great to view and discuss especially with gifted students who will definitely relate to the main character Craig, gifted himself and who exceedingly worries about his future, a trait that is quite common among many gifted children.
If you’re into music, then you’ll also love the soundtrack which definitely compliments the movie’s mood (there’s some great tracks by Broken Social Scene).

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The Strokes was a band that I followed in the early 2000s. Everytime they would come to South Florida, I’d religiously go see them in concert. Even if I had to drive two hours to the venue -which I did- I was there! They’re one of the few bands that I can say really deliver live. I was a bit bummed that they kinda disappeared after their release of their 3rd album back in 2006. Then, this past Saturday, I heard they would be performing on SNL (I had a WTH moment), and I was so stoked to see them back and with a new album (being released March 22nd). If there’s one thing I love doing is following the inception and growth of a band. I’m always sad to see great bands pop and fizzle after only one or two albums (especially those that have true potential). Hence, I’m happy to witness The Strokes trudging on. Have you had any favorite bands miraculously come back to life? Love to hear from you! Talk soon, Sue.

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Music Bits: My 80s Bands

Now and then, I’ll be sharing a new feature on my blog called Music Bits. It’ll mainly focus on bands from the past, present, and not so distant future that I truly enjoy and wish to share with you.

As I was scrolling through Tumblr, I hearted a Blondie photo which got me thinking of all the bands I loved as a kid (I’m talking at the ripe old age of 9 all the way to my mid teens). These were the bands that I danced to alone in my room, that inspired me to sketch and write poetry in my journal, and that kept me sane during the rough patches of my adolescence. It’s funny how some songs can time warp you so vividly back to one period of your life!

The Cure – Fascination Street


Blondie – Heart of Glass


The English Beat – Save it for Later


The Psychedelic Furs – Love my Way

New Order – Regret

So what songs or bands take you back in time? Love to hear from you! Sue

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