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When I thought about setting up the nursery for my little one, I knew two things going in: 1) I was on a budget and 2) I wanted to make the room as personalized as possible. Ikea was, of course, my best option for nursery furniture while Pinterest was, of course, a wonderful source for handmade inspiration. Nursery1I preferred to go with a medley of pastels -aquas, yellows, and pinks- rather than a specific theme. I decided to recycle the poms poms I made from my baby shower and hang them over the crib and changing table.


This quilt I had sewn several years back with the hopes to have it ready for a little one. I had come close to giving it away a couple of times but just didn’t have the heart to part with it (glad I didn’t). I made the banner using muslin and calico fabrics and was a last minute project for my shower and later for the nursery.  Although I loved this idea of a ruffled bedskirt, I really didn’t want to spend too much time on this sewing project, so I found a printed fabric and cut and sewed on rectangular sheets; I added a crochet edging to finish the bedskirt.

Art-wall1 I really love whimsical prints and had collected some over the years, but hadn’t found a place for them. Finally they have a home! Woodland creature prints from papersparrow, daisy painting made by my bf, woodblock prints by danita art, embroidery made by me using Cathy Gaubert pattern, and Red Fox by berkley illustration.

Nursery2 Without planning it, the birdhouses I painted seem to be a focal point for my newborn every time I change her, but it also might be that she just likes staring off to the right (she constantly does that) .

Shelf Love this little shelf, it showcases another painting made especially by my bf for our little girl, my bf’s beloved knitted bunny from his childhood, the decorative letter I made, and the garland I crocheted using the rosettes from my shower. One last thing, the picture book Extra Yarn is pretty amazing. I fell in love with the story and the illustrations are really adorable.

I’m really happy with how the room came together. I feel like the little handmade details and keepsakes really make the room feel cozy and special! Sue


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During my summer vacation, I’ve been slowly working on some handmade decor for the baby’s room. I really wanted to make a decorative letter for her room and as always Pinterest is a great resource. I decided to give it a weathered look and used what I had in my stash.

Here’s how I made mine: 1) I first painted a base coat of wicker white (2 coats) and then hand-stamped “Homemade with Love” with black ink over the dried base coat. 2) Once the stamping is completely dry, I brushed a heavy layer of crackle medium over the letter (let it dry ’til it has a tacky consistency). 3) I evenly painted one top coat* of Martha Stewart’s “Beach Glass” (love this color!). * Note: do not re-paint or try to go over certain areas, you’ll end up smudging the crackle medium and undoing the crackling effect. 4) For the border of the letter I inversed the colors – Beach Glass base coat, crackle layer, white top coat  5) To help prevent chipping and yellowing, I sealed the paint using Liquidex Satin Varnish (3 thin coats).   DSC05743On the inside of the “P” I cut and glued a strip of pink gingham fabric as a contrasting accent to the seafoam color. I also recycled a crochet rosette I had leftover from my baby shower (I had made them as brooches for my guests). I’m so happy with the result, the crackling effect came out great . . . DSC05745
So great, I wanted to replicate the same weathered look on my birdhouses. I followed the same painting process and covered the roof tops with calico fabric. I highly recommend using Martha Stewart acrylics for this project (other brands did not work as well with the crackle medium). My color palette was Beach Glass, Raspberry Ice, and Chamomile.

DSC05746 I really loved working on these projects; they were fairly easy to do, came out so cute and were affordable to make. This a testament that decorating a room doesn’t always require you to go out and spend tons of money. Being resourceful can go along way, don’t ya think?   Sue

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24-weeksIThis will probably be one of the few pictures I’ll take of myself pregnant. I’d love to record my baby bump on a weekly basis but I’m not disciplined enough nor do I really have the time. But saving this picture is especially important because I just turned 41 and I want my daughter to have a keepsake of me at my happiest moment. I spent 5 years trying to conceive and although I was able to get pregnant, sadly I couldn’t stay pregnant. It was a very emotionally draining journey and as difficult as the losses were, I felt that I just needed to keep on trying. And we did, one more time. For my sweet little baby, I hope that this simple picture is proof that we never gave up!

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I had fun this Halloween and had the chance to get dressed up twice. My first costume was for a pumpkin carving party this past weekend. I decided to reprise a wolf costume I’d worn a couple years back; it’s made up of a headpiece and fur paws. This time around I made more of an effort with the make-up.


I used lots of golds, bronzes and brown eyeshadows. For the contours on the nose and cheeks, I used a dark, matte brown. I added black eyeliner crayon around the the eyes, nose, lips.
Wolf-001Once I put the headpiece on, it looked really cute. Then for the school, I thought it would be fun to creep the kids out a bit . . .

This creepy make-up tutorial helped me a lot. I used mainly a dark plum eyeshadow, a dark matte gray for contouring, and deep copper to outline my eyes.
I made my ghost costume two days before Halloween. At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. Thankfully the jersey fabric I got was really easy to work with and I was happy with the results! Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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I’m a fan of mixed tapes. I remember making them throughout high school; I was so into them that I’d even design the jewel case covers and give them titles to go with the theme. Those CD days are over, but thankfully I can still create on-line playlists. This list has a series of songs (13 to be exact!) I’ve always enjoyed and I think most of the songs carry that Halloween vibe without going overboard (sorry, there’s no Monster Mash). Enjoy! Sue

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Autumn Projects

So, it’s official. Fall started this past Saturday. Unfortunately, South Florida really doesn’t ever see what true fall is like. No changing of the leaves or windy days, just a nudge of cool weather right around Halloween clues us in that brisker days are ahead. Nonetheless, I still love the idea of switching up my projects and shifting into a different color palette to fit the season.
Several years ago, I crocheted a star garland for my Christmas tree. I found it in my closet the other day and thought about how pretty it would look in fall-themed colors, so I stitched some up this weekend.
I used lots orange and golden hues, along with a rich violet color for my leaf garland.
This one is my favorite (I made two!). I combined heathered amber, calypso blue, and gold yarns. Making these are so addicting that I’m already working on a 5th one. Since I don’t need so many for my place, I decided to add some to my shop.  Talk soon, Sue

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This year for my welcome back bulletin board, I wanted to create something that was 3-D. After looking over the many wonderful ideas on Pinterest, I was inspired by this cute board. I know kids don’t drink coffee, but I do know how much kids love a cup of hot chocolate. I didn’t want it to be a Starbucks theme, but I did keep their color scheme (the colors also remind me of the Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie box!).

I used a brown polka dot border, hunter green fabric (approx. 2 yards),
coffee cups with lids (bought at the dollar store), white pipe cleaners,
coffee sleeves (thank you Starbucks!), and cream-colored cardstock.

To give the impression of tendrils of steam, I used one pipe cleaner per cup, folded them in half, and curled the ends, then taped the pipe cleaner to the inside of the coffee lid. I printed my students’ names on the cardstock and glue-gunned each to a coffee sleeve. The cups were then attached by placing a pushpin on the inside of the cup. Another title for this style of bulletin board could be “Warming Up to a New Year.”   Sue

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